The Important Process of Floor Maintenance

Taking good care of your floors is essential to maintaining the look of any professional environment. Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of floor maintenance. Also, we’ll go over our regular floor maintenance practices and offer some guidance on how to get the best out of your flooring.

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Why Taking Care of Your Floors is Important

Taking care of your floors is essential for a few reasons, but the main two are safety and appearance.

Without the correct floor maintenance, your floors can become slippery, sticky, or slimy. You don’t want to expose the people in your building to any of those conditions. Someone getting hurt because of improper floor care could be a serious problem.

Additionally, you want your floors to look as good as possible so that visitors and customers don’t feel like they’re walking on grimy, neglected surfaces. When you don’t maintain your flooring, it shows.

Most Hard Floors Need Regular Maintenance

Hard floors require regular maintenance, especially as they’re in high-traffic areas. Most hard floors are in areas with a lot of foot traffic because they’re designed to withstand heavy use.

Dust, dirt, and debris will naturally gather on your flooring from people walking over it. Unless this is cleaned up, an accumulation of gunk will develop, gradually detracting from the pristine look your floors could have with regular maintenance. That’s why daily floor cleaning and maintenance are ideal, but since that’s not always possible, at least twice weekly is advisable.

Step 1: Dust Mopping, Debris Removal, & Wet Floor Signs

The first stage of floor care is dry dust mopping. This removes all the dust on the most easily gathered surface without any water or chemicals. We also take this time to remove any heavier debris on the floor, such as gum, dried mud, etc.

We then place ‘wet floor’ signs every 20 feet or so to ensure people are properly notified that the floors they tread on could be slippery.

Wet Mopping

With a carefully measured-out cleaning solution, we begin mopping the floor with a wet mop. This part of the floor cleaning process adds a little extra muscle to ensure floors are as clean as can be.

We always mop from the back to the front of a space, ensuring that we’re cleaning up after ourselves as we go and not walking over freshly mopped floors.

High-Speed Burnishing

This is where we start to break out the motorized equipment. We’ll carefully attach the burnishing pad to our burnishing machine and give your floors the high-quality sheen you’re looking for from our services.

High-speed burnishing is used for regular floor maintenance and the restoration of dry-applied high-gloss floor finishes. This will remove all the scuffs and irregularities from your floor.


Scrubbing and stripping your floor are two sides of the same coin. Before thoroughly stripping your floor of its wax finish, we’ll scrub the floor. This makes the stripping process easier and more complete.

Once we finish scrubbing your floor, we’ll begin with the stripping solution. We apply the stripping solution all over the floor and let it sit until the chemicals begin to emulsify the wax. We’ll then remove the waxy solution and wait until the floor has dried before applying the new wax. Before the wax is applied, we’re careful to do one more dry mop.


Floor wax is also applied with a mop, albeit very carefully. Once we mix together the wax solution, we’ll begin with an outline of the targeted area. This reduces splashing and makes for a much more even final product. Once the outline is finished, we fill in the center using an even figure-eight sweeping motion.

We then let the wax dry before applying the second coat of wax and repeat the process until we’ve laid down about four or five coats, depending on the need.

The Joys of a Freshly waxed Floor

When you have a freshly waxed floor, people will notice. Walking on a freshly waxed floor gives your guests a luxurious feel, and it lets the people in your building know that you take pride in maintaining your building. It all comes down to professionalism.

Do you remember returning to school after the break when the gymnasium floor was freshly waxed? Didn’t it make you want to start running on the floor immediately? The same principle applies in a professional environment. Although people won’t be running around, they’ll be glad to work or do business in an environment that is well taken care of.

Taking Care of Your Floors for You

When you hire a professional to help you care for your floors, you’ll save a lot of time. Time is an important asset for whatever type of property you need to keep clean. Whether you run an office space, a school, a gym, or an industrial setting—time is of the essence.

As floor care experts, you can hire our professional team to ensure your floors always look great.

Floor Care for All Kinds of Hard Floors

At Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC, we clean all hard floor surfaces. Most hard floor surfaces in professional settings have a wax coating or sealant on top that must be protected. When you enlist a professional floor cleaning expert like us, you won’t ever have to worry about the state of your floors. You’ll know a professional took the proper precautions to ensure your floor, regardless of type, was maintained according to all mandated procedures.

We take care of all hard floors. This includes:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Tile floors
  • Concrete floors
  • Linoleum floors
  • Marble floors
  • Vinyl floors
  • Stone floors

In Conclusion

Floor care is important. Whether you run a school or an office building, proper floor maintenance will keep everyone happy. If you don’t regularly maintain your hard floors, they will begin to look less than appealing and may deteriorate faster.

By implementing regular floor maintenance, you can maintain the professional, safe environment you need to succeed.

Do you want to get started on a floor maintenance plan with the best? Please call us at (404) 937-6559, and we’ll let you know how it works!