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When it comes to medical facilities, offices, and waiting areas, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. A clean medical office makes a good impression on newcomers and, most importantly, saves patients from allergens, germs, and bacteria. In this day and age, what could be more important than that?

Throughout the region, medical professionals know that there is no cleaning company better suited for the job of cleaning medical offices than Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC. We put a high premium on cleanliness, making us the best company to partner with.

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Keeping Facilities Clean and Healthy

Doctors and medical professionals rely on a clean environment to keep patients and employees safe and to prevent the spread of fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC is well-known for being among the top-rated medical office cleaning specialists in the city. We work with:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Walk-in clinics
  • Dental facilities
  • Physiotherapists
  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care homes

Fast Turnarounds and Flexible Scheduling for Cleanings

Doctor's offices, walk-ins, and physiotherapy clinics operate on tight schedules. They can't halt their day for a team of cleaners to come in and mop the floors. They need a company that can work quickly and also work around their important schedules. For service like that, the practitioners in our community look to us.

When you rely on our expertise, you can rest easy knowing your facilities will be cleaned in a swift fashion. We work quickly, and we do so without sacrificing a shred of our patented quality. We will carry out our duties at a time most convenient for you. Simply let us know your preferred times for a visit and we will do our best to schedule ourselves accordingly.

Protect the health and longevity of your clients and business by investing in reputable commercial cleaning services without breaking the bank. Our flexible packages allow you to select only the services you need when you need them.

Specialized Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading cleaning company in the region. We have risen the ranks by providing our clients with a full suite of cleaning services. Our wide array of skillsets ensures you’ll never have to work with anyone but us for all your cleaning and decontamination needs.

Providing exceptional service is just one of the things that set apart from other local janitorial cleaning services. The depth of our knowledge delivering tailoring customized medical facility cleaning services to businesses like yours spans a number of years. Each of our accredited technicians has been hand-selected, vetted, and trained to meet our rigorous standards. We guarantee:

  • Friendly, licensed, bonded, and insured janitorial staff.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Hospital grade disinfection and sanitization.
  • Advanced cleaning technology.
  • Reliable estimates in person, during a free consultation.
  • Exceptional results.

Most medical offices have sensitive machinery that needs to be cleaned with special cleaning solutions and tools. Ask us how we can accommodate some of these tasks on your behalf.

Tailor Your Hospital Cleaning Services to Match Your Needs

No two facilities are the same. Some have carpeted lobbies, while others have tiled floors—and that’s just the beginning. Rest assured, no matter how unique your medical facility is, we’re capable of cleaning it. We have a vast storehouse of cleaning equipment at our disposal, ensuring every terminal and every surface gets the treatment it needs.

From time to time, making the most out of your commercial budget means examining each of the services your company relies on to see that you are getting the most for your hard-earned dollar. Our value pricing makes our hospital cleaning services affordable to medical organizations of all sizes. No matter how large your facility is, or how complex your cleaning requirements might be, we have the skills, training, and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. Here is a just a small example of some of the hospital housekeeping services we are excited to offer:

  • Disinfecting handles, elevator buttons, telephones, and common surfaces
  • Vent, duct and air handler cleaning
  • Total bathroom disinfection
  • Floor care and polishing
  • Vacuuming
  • Horizontal surface disinfection and wipe downs
  • Hospital grade disinfectants are used to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungus
  • Hospital grade waste collection and proper disposal; soiled linens, sharps
  • Kitchen and break room clean
  • Medical reception and waiting area sanitization
  • Patient room cleaning
  • Specialized equipment cleaning
  • Spill and contaminant cleanups
  • Terminal cleaning
  • Window cleaning

As our many clients have already learned, we’re capable of cleaning any facility from floor to ceiling. We will eliminate any trace of stains, and we will sanitize every surface to perfection. With us, you get more than a spotless facility—you get a completely sanitized facility, too. When you rely on our expert staff, you have more time to focus on what is important. You’ll be able to direct your energies to your patients, day-to-day tasks, and more.

How Our Medical Office Cleaning Services Differ From Commercial Cleaning Services

Some regular janitors don’t have the level of training and accreditations needed to perform superior medical office cleaning services. To establish a hospital grade level of sanitization, it’s important to make sure the right mixture of cleaning solutions is applied and is left to work for the required amount of time before being wiped or mopped clean. Our advanced machinery and dedicated staff ensure all commercial cleaning services are provided to industry and regulatory standards. To ensure compliance, we perform quality checks and test and periodic up-training.

Clean Your Medical Office Today

The health and safety of your patients are of the utmost importance to you and your staff. After seeing how we approach the cleaning process, you will see that your health, safety, and happiness is just as important to us. From upholstery cleaning to floor-to-ceiling bathroom cleaning, we do it all—and we do it with professionalism and ease.

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