Your students are our future. How do you ensure you're providing them with a clean and safe school environment?

The secret lies in hiring licensed professionals passionate about the quality of the education the kids in our community receive.

While we can't speak to what's included in the curriculum, Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC's commercial cleaning experts can give you the best tips on what to look for when you hire a professional to take care of your school janitorial responsibilities. We'll also outline the qualities that make a cleaning business the best fit for fulfilling your educational facilities' unique cleaning and disinfection requirements.

Read on for more information about what makes a cleaning company the best candidate for cleaning a school or any other educational facility.

Importance of School Disinfection

Kids and germs both seem to have a knack for finding each other. When one child comes to school with an illness, everything they touch has the potential to spread sickness far and wide.

You'll need a solid plan for tackling school disinfection to prevent this. You'll also need the support of a professional cleaning agency to ensure you can confidently deliver on your objectives.

Here's why investing in school disinfection is so important:

  • School disinfection helps to reduce the spread of infectious diseases like the common cold, flu, and COVID-19.
  • Disinfecting surfaces and objects in schools eliminate germs and bacteria that cause illnesses and infections.
  • Regular disinfection of classrooms and common areas can create a healthier environment for students, teachers, and staff. This can lead to fewer absences and improved academic performance.
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas such as doorknobs, desks, and shared equipment can reduce the risk of transmission of infections from one person to another.
  • Disinfection measures can provide peace of mind to parents, students, and staff by showing that the school is taking steps to maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  • Disinfection practices can also educate students on the importance of maintaining good hygiene and encourage good health habits like regular hand washing and covering one's mouth when coughing or sneezing.

There are strict health and safety regulations in place that govern the way schools should be cleaned to promote a safe and healthy learning environment. It's your responsibility to hire a dependable group of custodial experts that know how to make it happen.

What to Look for in a School Cleaning Company

Your educational facility is a multi-faceted space. It has plenty of different sanitization and disinfection requirements that cover everything from keeping washrooms spotless to ensuring dirt and stains are correctly removed from floors.

Choosing industry-leading professionals dedicated to meeting the requirements of strict health and safety regulations that govern educational buildings in our area is an essential element to a successful partnership.

Our experts recommend connecting with local cleaning services providers who meet the following criteria:

Experience: Look for a cleaning company that has experience working with schools and educational facilities. They should understand the unique challenges schools face, and they should be able to provide specialized services, like disinfecting high-touch areas.

Reputation: Check the company's reputation by reading reviews, asking for references, and looking for complaints or negative feedback from previous clients. A reputable janitorial company will have positive feedback and a good track record.

Training: Check to see if the cleaning company provides ongoing training to their staff to ensure they're up to date on the latest cleaning techniques and safety protocols.

Flexibility: Ask about flexibility in their scheduling. Will they be able to work around the school's schedule to minimize disruptions to learning?

Quality of service: Look for a company that provides high-quality cleaning services. This looks like a business that goes above and beyond to ensure that its staff pays attention to detail and that all areas are thoroughly cleaned with approved disinfection products and procedures.

Safety protocols: Each technician should follow safety protocols and use safe cleaning products to minimize health risks to students, teachers, and staff.

Green cleaning: If sustainability is a priority for your school, consider hiring cleaners that use eco-friendly sanitization products and practices.

Communication: A reputable cleaning company should have open lines of communication with the school and provide a quick response to any concerns or requests in a timely and professional manner.

Insurance and certification: Ensure the commercial cleaning business you hire is fully insured and certified to provide cleaning services in your area. This protects your school from liability and ensures the company follows all local regulations and guidelines.

Professional Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment Is a Must

The use of professional cleaning and sanitizing equipment is a crucial requirement for any cleaning provider you hire to sanitize and disinfect your school.

Here's why:

  • Professional cleaning equipment is designed to effectively clean and sanitize large spaces like your school.
  • Professional custodial equipment typically has more power and capabilities than household cleaning equipment, making it more efficient and effective in removing dirt, grime, and germs.
  • Approved disinfection products are designed to kill bacteria and viruses, including those that cause illnesses like flu and COVID-19. Regulatory agencies have rigorously tested and approved these solutions to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

By using professional cleaning and sanitizing equipment and approved disinfection solutions, you can be confident that germs that could affect your school, staff, and student body are being killed and removed thoroughly and effectively. This will help to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses among students and staff, creating a safer and healthier learning environment.

Additionally, hiring professionals trained in using this equipment and solutions ensures that the cleaning is done safely and effectively, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Cleaning Services Checklist for Schools

Our commercial cleaning experts suggest looking for a school cleaning service provider who can offer a full suite of flexible services and a customizable checklist for taking care of the janitorial requirements of your premises.

This can include:

  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Floorcare
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Commercial window washing
  • Bathroom disinfection
  • High-touch surface disinfection
  • Office cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Cafeteria cleaning
  • ...and much more!

Learn More About School Cleaning Requirements

Do you have more questions about connecting with and selecting a commercial cleaning contractor that puts the health and well-being of your student population and staff first? Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC is here to help with risk-free initial consultations with seasoned school cleaners who can answer all your questions.

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