Floor Stripping and Waxing in Atlanta

If there’s one thing that Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC hears a lot from Atlanta home and business owners, it’s questions about stripping and waxing floors. While you probably have a good idea about most things a qualified commercial janitor might do in an average day, odds are you don’t have any idea how to strip and wax floors. (If you do, bravo! Maybe you’ll find the answer to another question on this page, so don’t go away just yet).

Because we wanted to help educate Atlanta residents on this necessary and vital procedure for keeping your Atlanta home or business looking and running its absolute best, we’ve created this handy guide to some of the most common questions you might want to ask before heading out your local hardware store to pick up some floor stripping equipment. If you’ve read this entire guide and still have questions, call us and we’re happy to explain the process a bit more!

Can You Explain How to Wax a Floor Properly?

I mean, if we couldn’t, we wouldn’t be Atlanta’s best commercial janitorial company, would we? Stripping and waxing floors is a two-step process. First, you need to purchase the right stripper for your floor type. Not every stripper is right for every floor. What will make dirt and grime disappear from linoleum might strip the varnish on your wood floor too.

You then want to clean the floor well. Sweep, mop, vacuum—do the whole shebang. This will take a while, but the process is just beginning. You’ll then need to remove obstacles from the floor. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package. And don’t forget to dilute the product! Apply the stripper in an even layer without missing any spots.

After the stripper has set, you will need to remove all the old wax. This can be a difficult and laborious process. If you’re wondering how to wax a floor with a mop, we’d suggest investing in some better technical solutions, or you may be stuck waxing floors until next year!

Can You Use Butchers Wax on Hardwood Floors?

Butchers wax, or bowling alley paste, is a viable solution for many of your home improvement needs. It can even be used as a sealant for your wood floors in a pinch. And it tends to come in a gorgeous retro-style container that makes a beautiful vintage centerpiece after the fact.

Can it be used on hardwood floors? Absolutely. Unless your floor is made of cork. But that’s not too common in Atlanta. If you’re unsure, call a professional.

Can I Really Wax and Strip My Floors Myself?

Okay, so we’re a little biased. But we don’t recommend it. Stripping and waxing floors is a lot of work, especially if only one person is doing the job. You’re likely to cause a lot of disruption to your routine while the floor wax sets. Why not trust Atlanta’s best provider of floor stripping and waxing services? Give us a call today and let us make your dirty and dusty floors look brand new again!